Tubeless STS


The STS (Standard Tubeless System) was born in 2006 on the Supermoto racing fields. It is so called because of its simple application in production processes and its adaptability to original rims and hubs. Indeed, the STS Tubeless System does not require special adaptations and is in line with the traditional design of the spoked wheel, without altering its architecture and construction premises.

How does it work?

Our special STS nipples, the core of the system, are positioned within the rim profile. The O-Rings on the body of the nipple ensure airtightness.


O-Rings are adopted in various mechanical applications – such as the motomotive, automotive, and aerospace fields – for their durability, versatility, and resistance to high and low temperatures. To this day, several parts of a motorcycle are still secured by O-Rings! 

Safety ring

A special stainless-steel safety ring ensures that, in case of a broken spoke, the nipple is not suddenly ejected from the rim, causing to puncture the tire. This way, it is possible to go to the nearest workshop, even in case of slight breakages!

Why Choose to Ride Tubeless

  1. Weight reduction

    By removing the inner tube, you can save from 800 grams to 2kg of weight from the outer rim perimeter, i.e. in the most critical area.

  2. Safety

    A tubeless tire will not deflate right after a puncture and is easier to repair. In addition, all our wheels are equipped with rims with a special hump profile.

  3. Consumption

    The inner tube deteriorates and wears the tires more quickly, while a tubeless tire lasts longer. Ride farther, ride longer.

  4. Environment

    The inner tube is an extra product to dispose of. Join us in reducing our environmental impact!