Frequently asked questions


Can I buy the wheels directly from you?

You can decide whether to buy directly from us, on our e-commerce, or feel free to contact one of our retailers and distributors.


Are the wheels tubeless?

That’s right, all wheels displayed on our website are tubeless.

Are the wheels complete with hub bearings and valves?

Yes, the wheels are complete with hub bearings and valves. Be careful – if necessary, keep your original spacers for the correct installation of the wheels on your motorcycle.

How does your system work?

You can find more information regarding our system on the STS page (see link)

Do the rims have a hump profile?

All rims we use for the assembly of our wheels are equipped with a hump profile.

What does STS mean?

It means Standard Tubeless System. You can find more information at the STS page (see link)

What does Forged mean?

You can find more information about forged wheels and the STS2 system on the STS2 page

What is the difference between anodizing and varnishing?

Anodizing is a chemical conversion of aluminum, whereas varnishing is a treatment done by applying the material (the paint) on the surface of the rim.

What is the difference between a Borrani rim and an Excel rim?

There are two main differences. The technical one concerns the production process of the rim: the Borrani rim is a flow-formed rim, handcrafted in the historical Borrani factory in Milan. The Excel rim is a traditional extruded, calendered and welded rim. From an aesthetic point of view, the difference lies in the presence of dimples in the traditional rims, which are absent in Borrani rims.

Can I use Alpina wheels regularly on the road?

In Italy, it is sufficient that the rim is suitable for the size of tires shown on the vehicle registration document. We invite you to check with your trusted tire specialist which rim sizes are compatible with your tires!

How can I know the rim size of my original wheels?

Ask your trusted tire specialist or contact us (link to contact details) specifying the tire sizes indicated in your vehicle registration document. We will be happy to help you!


Why are the wheels for my motorcycle not available with the STS2 tubeless system?

Our policy follows the Plug&Play philosophy: we want to supply wheels that are most in line with the manufacturer’s engineering choices, to guarantee a safe and consistent use of the original motorcycle. For this reason, each wheel is the result of a specific study – by choice, we do not produce “standard” wheels adaptable on multiple models.

Will the wheels already be assembled?

Yes, our wheels will be supplied to you fully assembled and ready to use.

Do you supply wheels only for the models and sizes displayed on the website?

Yes, we do. However, please feel free contact us (link to contacts) and leave any feedback or suggestion to help us amplify our range!

Can I require wheels in colors that are not displayed on your website?

For special requests you can contact our staff (link to contact page): together we will find the most suitable solution for you.

If I provide you with my original hubs, can you fit the pair of wheels with your tubeless system?

Unfortunately, no. We only sell complete wheels and do not work on parts supplied by our customers – except for possible repair and maintenance work on our products.

I would like to purchase a used wheel for a motorcycle model that is not mine, and replace the hub: is it feasible?

Unfortunately, no. Our tubeless system requires specific rim drilling. We do not recommend you make this type of modification, which could compromise the safety of your vehicle!

Since the wheels available for my motorcycle only come with original hubs, will a version with machined hub be available in the future?

Currently no, but we invite you to follow us on our social networks to keep up to date with the latest news!

I am in possession of Alpina wheels. Can I change the color?

It depends on the type of the existing finish and color of your wheels. Contact us providing the identification code of your wheels, along with your request, for more information.

Do I have to replace discs and sprockets or can I use my motorcycle’s original ones?

Our wheels are 100% plug and play, you can safely use your original components – you do not require to purchase any further component. We remind you to check their condition and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for tightening and screwing.


I want to work with Alpina. How can I apply?

Contact us for more info