Alpina Raggi has taken steps to comply with the recent legislation on reporting, so-called “whistleblowing” (Legislative Decree No. 24 of March 10, 2023).

Therefore, two alternative reporting channels have been established that are suitable for sending confidential communications about any violations learned by the whistleblower:

  • Written reporting through an IT platform (GlobalLeaks) accessible at the following link: https://globaleaks.alpinaraggi.it/
  • Paper missive marked “confidential for the attention of the reporting manager of Alpina Raggi” to be sent by registered mail to the following address: Via Borgogna 5, 20122, Milan (MI), c/o “Studio Legale Ventimiglia”;
  • request for a direct interview with the reporting manager of Alpina Raggi.

Before reporting, it is recommended that you review the appropriate procedure, which can be downloaded in the download area of this site (https://alpinaraggi.it/area-download/).

In fact, the procedure contains information that is important to the success of the report, including:

  • the subject matter of the violations that can be reported;
  • the persons entitled to report;
  • the measures to protect the reporter and ensure confidentiality;
  • the proper use and operation of the above reporting channels;
  • clarification of who the recipients of the report are and how they will follow up on it.

In the event of failure or serious malfunctioning of the above internal reporting channels, as well as in the presence of the other conditions detailed in the procedure, whistleblowers may avail themselves of the option to transmit information about violations.

  • through the reporting channels established by ANAC;
  • through a public disclosure.

Also with reference to these possibilities, therefore, it is invited to carefully review and read the dedicated procedure.

Please note that it is also always possible, and advisable in cases of serious danger to the safety or health of persons, to proceed to make a formal complaint to the competent judicial, administrative or accounting authority in relation to the object of the violation.