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      • Black ED
        A low environmental impact electrodeposition surface-treatment that ensures a unique aesthetic result and good resistance to atmospheric agents.
      • Anodizing
        An aluminum coloring process that improves its mechanical properties and resistance to atmospheric agents.
      • Burnishing
        A stainless-steel coloring process. It ensures an excellent aesthetic result, preserving the excellent weathering resistance that distinguishes stainless steel.
      • Zinc-plating
        A process of coloring steel-carbon that ensures excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.
      • Bcolor® Painting
        Our indisputable trademark. Handmade in Italy, provided with a transparent protective topcoat to increase resistance to shocks and weathering.
      • Monocolor Painting
        A refined and elegant painting. Handmade in Italy, provided with a transparent protective topcoat to increase the resistance to shocks and atmospheric agents.
      • Hand Polishing
        The surface of the aluminum is brushed and polished, giving an incomparable aesthetic result with a typically retro taste.
      • Zinc plated Steel
        A fine compromise that offers satisfactory mechanical properties and moderate weather resistance.
      • Stainless Steel
        With a low environmental impact, stainless steel is known for its unparalleled weather resistance, making it the perfect solution for adventure or road bikes and for touring and racing bikes.
      • Carbon Steel
        Carbon steel is the perfect choice for off-road activities, thanks to its high resistance to fatigue and mechanical stress.
      • C8 Green Steel
        With a low environmental impact and high mechanical characteristics, Green Steel is the winning combination of uncompromising performance and sustainability.
      • Aluminum
        The incredible lightness and high resistance to atmospheric agents make aluminum one of the most versatile materials. Perfect for combining performance and mechanical requirements, it is the ideal choice for motorcycles and bicycles with a sporting vocation.
      • Brass
        Ductile and resistant to atmospheric agents, brass represents a valid compromise.

La nostra idea di avventura: design pulito, superfici anodizzate e un set dedicato di colori, senza compromessi sulla nostra filosofia di personalizzazione.

Un buon compromesso dalle proprietĂ  meccaniche soddisfacenti e caratterizzato da una moderata resistenza agli agenti atmosferici.